Malcolm Bernard, M.A., LPC

Your Story

I’m really in awe of you. If you’re here, then you’ve already traveled quite a distance. You have a lot going on in your life.  Work, relationships, family each come with daily responsibilities that never retire. So it’s amazing that you’re willing to make this investment of time and energy to focus on your health. No doubt what drives you is the desire to be free from the weights hanging around your neck each day.  Depression, Anxiety, Self-Contempt or a Damaged Relationship are just a few of the things that you’ve wrestled with for years.  You’ve lived with it for so long it’s become normal and you have found your own ways of coping.  But perhaps you’re noticing a problem.  Your methods for getting by aren’t working anymore.  You may be tempted to hope for restoring those old methods so you can keep getting by like always.  But what if there’s more? What if instead of just surviving, you can move into thriving?  My job is to help you with that so you can experience a life well-lived.  Your story is not over, it’s just beginning. Let’s get to work on writing the next chapter today.

My Story

I got into counseling first as a client sitting on the couch and beginning the process of looking at my story. My wife, knowing that I was in pain and struggling, encouraged me to go to counseling numerous times but I resisted. In my view, counseling was for “crazy people” and I had my stuff together. It took me a while before I realized that I didn’t have things together at all, I just needed to believe I did because I didn’t think I had permission to be anything but “happy”. I finally decided to take a risk and start the counseling journey. I was nervous and not really sure if it made sense to have hope. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was worried that we would sit staring at each other with nothing to talk about. As the sessions rolled on I realized more and more what counseling is really about. It’s not about having everything together or getting to a magical place where your life is perfect. It’s about facing the reality of your life with greater courage, strength and openness. It’s about loving yourself beyond a cheap way that involves giving in to your every desire. It’s loving yourself enough to recognize that even on your worst day you have value, dignity and purpose. I’m very much looking forward to working with you on shaping your own story.