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About Us

Your Story

I’m really in awe of you. If you’re here, then you’ve already traveled quite a distance. You have a lot going on in your life.  Work, relationships, family each come with daily responsibilities that never retire. So, it’s amazing that you’re willing to make this investment of time and energy to focus on your health. No doubt what drives you is the desire to be free from the weights hanging around your neck each day.

You could be here for a lot of different reasons.

Perhaps depression is keeping you glued to your bed. Or, anxiety has reached a debilitating level that cannot be ignored.  What’s more, self-contempt and history of damaged relationships has skewed your view of yourself.

You should know that our counselors think you’re a warrior.

  You’ve lived with it for so long it’s become normal. And, you have found your own ways of coping.  But,  you’re noticing a problem.  Your methods for getting by aren’t working anymore. This used to work for me. I’ve gotten through so many situations like this before, why is now any different? Getting by was your saving grace. Making it through the day-to-day has just been what you do.

But what if there’s more?

The picture shows a notebook that someone has written in representing how journaling about one's thoughts can sometimes be assigned during Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for depression or anxiety. There is also a small plant in the picture representing how therapy can help a person grow. Our CBT therapists offer online therapy to anyone in the state of Virginia most often seeing people in Richmond, Arlington, Charlotteesville

What if instead of just surviving, you can move into thriving?  My job is to help you with that so you can experience a life well-lived. Imagine starting your days feeling empowered to set your intentions. To decide what you want your life to look like. And, what your life will look like.  Your story is not over, it’s just beginning. Our counselors are ready to ge to work on writing the next chapter today.

Monday Courage’s Story

Monday Courage stands firm in our goals and purpose: to help you redefine your self-esteem. At Monday Courage, we know that has not been easy. We know that you have enough lived experience to fill bookshelves of novels. And, we have no expectation for you to change it or to water it down. Our counselors are here to walk through the journey with you. Through the highs and lows, we are here to learn from you and your experiences.

What Sets Apart Our Approach to Counseling in Virginia

Sure, there are many other counselors in Virginia that you can pick from. Some of them are big names in your community. Others have multiple locations throughout the state. So, with this in mind, why would you start counseling in Virginia with Monday Courage?

We approach counseling with more empathy

Our counselors are not new to the counseling game. Our counselors know that your experience in counseling might not be full of rainbows and sunshine. There’s a chance that you haven’t been extended kindness and acceptance from a counselor. At Monday Courage, our counselors keep this in the forefront of their mind. And, they are intentional when extending you a level of kindness you might not have received before. From our experience providing counseling in Virginia, we have seen this kindness make all the difference in our work together.

A cup of coffee and phone are sitting on a table in this picture representing the loneliness that can come with depression, relationship problems, affair betrayal and other mental health concerns. Our online therapists can help if you live in Virginia!

Our counselors foster an environment of grace

We know that internal monologue you’re having. The constant dialogue that only highlights everything you’ve ever done wrong. All of the times that you felt like you were a disappointment. And, the time you spend crucifying yourself for the way your growth looked. Our counselors know how much real estate this is taking up in your mind. So, our goal is to help you forgive and make peace with the decisions and situations you have been in. By starting counseling in Virginia with Monday Courage, you can begin to forgive yourself for growing in a messy way.

Our counselors want you to begin living with more intentionality

If you’ve found yourself in situations out of your control, intentionality might not cross your mind too often. When intentionality is missing, it can leave you feeling like a shell of yourself. Simply going through the motions of what you’re supposed to do. Or, doing what’s expected of you. However, intentionality can create make all the difference. Entering situations, interactions, and conversations in the way that you want to. And, having more say in the outcome. Our counselors in Virginia are here to help you with this transition.

How our Virginia counselors can help

A photo shows a laptop illustrating that our therapists meet with people online. We offer online therapy using CBT and mindfulness to anyone in Virginia

Online Therapy

Online therapy in Virginia allows us to work with you anywhere you are in the state. Monday Courage is an entirely online-based practice. So, you can imagine that we’re pretty familiar with navigating the ins and outs of online therapy! Online therapy offers many unique benefits. For starters, scheduling appointments for online therapy is much more convenient. No longer do you have to factor in driving time or other coordination considerations. On top of that, online therapy has been shown to be more effective. This is because there are overall fewer canceled appointments. Begin online therapy in Virginia with Monday Courage today!

Individual Counseling

At Monday Courage, we’re able to help you out with a variety of experiences. Through individual counseling, we can work with you while you navigate your experiences. Our counselors are trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and person-centered therapy. Our counselors have extensive experience helping with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma. In addition, our counselors are educated in addressing the dynamics of men’s and women’s issues. What’s more, our counselors can help you navigate life transitions. A few of these include starting college, navigating life after a divorce.

Online Marriage Counseling

A couple kisses while holding sparklers representing how marriage counseling and couples therapy can bring the "spark" back into your relationship!

Relationships are not easy. Relationships are messy and complicated. Our counselors can work with you and your partner to overcome the problems in your relationships. Our counselors can assist you if you’re married or if you haven’t tied the knot quite yet. We’re able to help you navigate the aftermath of an affair and to resolve conflicts.  Regardless of how long you’ve been together or who you’re with, our marriage counselors are here to assist you to navigate these tricky dynamics.


Our Counselors can help through online therapy in Virginia

Since we are an online-based counseling practice in Virginia, we’re able to help you anywhere you are in the state. Our counselors are able to work with you in the Richmond area as you make strides in your education, career, and relationship. We can also work with you if you’re in Arlington as you navigate having a family, a relationship, and the transitions that accompany this season of life. In face, our counselors can even work with you if you’re in Charlottesville while you explore your educational opportunities and stabilize your relationship. Essentially, we’re here to offer support no matter where you are in the state of Virginia

Get to Know our Team

What sets Monday Courage apart is that we do all of the things we ask our clients to do. Whether that be to have tough conversations with those around you, journal the intimate experiences you’re having, or actually have time for yourself. Our team actively practice this, and much more. Our team have extensive training in providing support to individuals.

Begin Counseling in Virginia with Monday Courage

A photo shows sunlight peaking through trees representing the hope online therapy provides individuals with anger problems, depression, anxiety or relationship problems. Our therapists offer grace and hope to individuals everywhere in Virginia including Richmond, Arlington, Charlottesville, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Our counselors are here to help!
At Monday Courage, we can’t wait to hear your story. Our counselors offer supportive counseling through online therapy in Virginia. We offer both individual counseling and couples counseling to help you you navigate a variety of stressors. When you’re ready to begin counseling in Virginia, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to our client care coordinator to schedule your appointment.
  2. Get to know our team.
  3. Begin your journey towards deeper exploration.