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Career Counseling

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed Or Stressed By Work?

Do you regularly experience negative mental health patterns as a result of your job, industry, workload, schedule, boss, or co-workers? Have you noticed any of the following symptoms related to your career:

  • Anxiety, depression, or apathy?
  • Excessive fatigue or physical aches and pains?
  • Alienation, isolation, or withdrawal?

Maybe you’ve experienced a lack of clarity or support in your own role or you’re struggling to maintain a balanced workload because other people don’t pick up the slack. Or perhaps you enjoy the work itself but have struggled to navigate toxic or passive-aggressive co-workers. As a result, you may be thinking of talking with a counselor who specializes in helping people work through career challenges.

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Problems In The Workplace Can Often Cause Burnout And Loss Of Energy

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You may be contending with long or irregular hours that make it difficult to effectively establish any sort of weekly routine.

Once your working hours have ended, maybe you don’t quite have the capacity to be present for yourself or your family.

Even though you are constantly running around fulfilling your duties to your job and your family, perhaps you are ultimately coming up short with both of them.

The silver lining here is that these issues are both extremely common and also manageable and solvable. With Career Counseling with Monday Courage, you can take control of the situation so you can get back on better footing—both at work and in life.


Career Frustration Or Dissatisfaction Is Incredibly Common

The experience of work-related difficulties is actually so common that it’s almost universal. Pretty much anyone in the workforce has had some sort of issue with their role, their boss, or their co-workers at some point.

For example, according to Gallup, only 33 percent of U.S. employees felt engaged at work in 2023, with 16 percent feeling actively disengaged. Additionally, less than 50 percent report having clarity in their role and responsibilities. This lack of clarity can not only interfere with an employee’s ability to get their work done—it can also cause work-related stress and anxiety, affecting overall mental health.


The Pandemic Has Further Contributed To Workplace Struggles

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A lot of difficult work situations were made even more difficult by the pandemic. The abrupt withdrawal from the workforce by early retirees and quiet quitters created massive changes in the economy and workforce. The switch to remote work may have benefited many, but it also brought about new challenges and disruptions in the way that we work. These issues have left many facing frequent shifts in responsibilities, often with inadequate communication and support. As a result, many workers feel more disconnected from their workplace and frustrated with their bosses and managers.

This is where external support comes into play. Sometimes you simply need some outside perspective to see the situation clearly and determine the next course of action. Career Counseling with Monday Courage can help you decide what’s best for your life and career moving forward and develop a plan for how to make it happen.

Counseling Can Help You Get Back On Track With Your Career Goals

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Although career issues may be common, that doesn’t mean that these situations should just be accepted without trying to improve them.

Oftentimes, workers don’t voice their concerns at all because they fear that their opinions will be dismissed or invalidated, or they simply don’t have the effective communication skills to express how they feel.

Counseling creates a safe space for you to express everything that frustrates you about your work situation while processing and identifying what impacts you the most, how, and why. Ultimately, your counselor can help you determine a plan of action moving forward, which could mean a career change or transition or merely applying better communication skills to your present job.

Whether exploring a different career or merely a different approach to your current one, we can help walk you through that process.


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What You Can Expect From Career Counseling Sessions

Before you begin sessions, you will have the chance to connect with your career counselor to bring them up to speed on your issues and your overall objectives for counseling. You will then work together to build a plan for the structure and goals for your sessions.

During your counseling sessions, you will focus on self-awareness and mindfulness, which will allow you to better cope with your emotions and express yourself more effectively. Once you have offloaded what you are feeling and carrying, we can then more closely examine the specific issues and distinguish the most impactful ones.


An Approach To Career Counseling That Will Fit Your Needs

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Your career counselor will incorporate multiple treatment methods to help you manage your symptoms, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – The goal of CBT is to help you develop healthier reactions to work-related interpersonal relationships and interactions that were previously too frustrating to manage.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) –This approach is deeply practical and seeks to help you manage the intense thoughts or emotions that arise due to job stress and work challenges.
  • Gottman Method – At its core, the Gottman Method can help you develop better communication techniques that will allow you to navigate relationships with your co-workers more effectively.

Using these different therapeutic methods, we can help you make your work situation more manageable. On the one hand, you may be involved in a toxic environment, and we can help you summon the courage to find a better fit. Or if you simply need to develop better relationships with your boss or co-workers, we can teach you new communication styles. Whatever the case, we want you to know that there is so much hope for the situation to improve and we can help you get there.


You May Still Have Some Questions About Career Counseling…

Is there any hope for things to improve if leaving my job is not an option?

Absolutely—just because things aren’t good at work right now doesn’t automatically mean that you’re in a toxic environment. You may simply have a leader or co-workers with relational weaknesses or poor communication; they may also be under a lot of stress themselves and may be having difficulty coping. We can work on strategies to help you better manage your response to the different personalities around you.

I’m worried that leaving my job may hurt me financially.

This is understandable. We can take an honest look at your career as well as your industry and start putting a realistic plan together. Having a detailed plan will help you avoid making an impulsive decision, and then you’ll also be prepared for a smoother, more thoughtful transition to something that works better for you.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the problem or if my job is.

Make room for a third possibility: neither you nor your job is the problem. It may be that you don’t have the most effective approach to working with your boss and your peers. Not only is it possible for you to manage your response to your boss, it’s actually necessary in order to be successful. We will teach you to learn about how others think, what their worries and concerns are, and how you can better respond to them when they express those worries and concerns.



You Can Thrive Both At Work And In Life

If you are experiencing professional difficulties that have come to affect your life as a whole, Career Counseling with Monday Courage can help you thrive both in- and outside of work.

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