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Couples Therapy

Are You Struggling To Communicate And Connect With Your Partner?

Do you find yourself unable to talk with your partner without one or both of you reacting negatively or defensively? Have you noticed any of the following issues pertaining to your relationship:

  • Constant fighting, arguing, or conflict?
  • Emotional distance or defensiveness?
  • Lack of trust, connection, or intimacy?

Maybe your communication issues are leading to fights that constantly escalate without any positive resolution or understanding. Or perhaps exactly the opposite is happening: one or both of you are disengaging, withdrawing, or checking out. Although you’ve tried to work through your hang-ups, perhaps you end up gridlocked in the same old patterns again and again. For the first time, you may be thinking that it’s time to talk to a couples therapist.

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Issues With Communication Can Cause Couples To Fight Or Shut Down

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You may feel as though your partner never really listens to you, which makes you very angry and fuels conflict. Or you may feel as though your partner constantly criticizes you and you are constantly walking on eggshells or avoiding an argument whenever they’re around. You may have noticed a sense of resentment or tension building up between the two of you over time, even though neither of you wants to address or talk about it. As a result, your communication may feel stagnant.

The truth is that communication skills can be learned, developed, and improved, and that’s what counseling can help you achieve. Through Couples Therapy with Monday Courage, you can learn to better listen to each other, validate one another, and ultimately be more present in the relationship moving forward.


Most Couples Face Communication Problems At Some Point

Almost everyone that has been in a romantic relationship has felt unseen, unheard, or misunderstood at some point along the way. However, when these communication issues become larger patterns or an actual aspect of the dynamic, it can be tough to reverse course and build new communication styles and approaches.

It’s also easy to simply brush aside difficult conversations, but the consequences of poor communication can be extremely harmful to relationships over the long term. In fact, a study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) found that communication issues accounted for around as many as two-thirds of all marriage failures (1). This is why it’s so crucial for couples to get professional support.

Not Enough Couples Seek Out External Support For Their Issues

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For many couples, once an impasse has been reached, one or both can simply give up on the relationship, even though it could still be saved with the help of external resources

and support. They try to solve their marital issues on their own, only to get stuck in the same unhealthy cycles of communication over and over. A couples counselor can give you the sort of outside perspective to help you break old patterns and reestablish a new communication dynamic within your relationship.

At Monday Courage we have helped a lot of couples repair and rebuild their relationship through therapy. And we can act as a neutral advocate for not only the needs of both of you as separate individuals, but also those of your relationship as a whole.

Couples Therapy Can Help You Rediscover Your Love For Each Other

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When you are stuck in negative patterns and cycles with your partner, it can be easy to lose hope for a better relationship.

Just because you are experiencing these struggles doesn’t mean that your relationship is deficient or beyond repair. You might just need to learn the right strategies, and Couples Therapy can help you do just that.

Therapy can help couples interrupt patterns and cycles of behavior that can otherwise feel inescapable by offering new tools to help slow down tough conversations and open up healthy communication.

Honest, empathetic communication will indeed be your primary tool for resolving past conflicts and working through any issues that might arise in the future.


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What You Can Expect From Couples Therapy Sessions

Before you begin Couples Therapy sessions, you will connect with your counselor to bring them up to speed on your relationship history, your family history, and some of the relationship issues that you have been encountering. This will enable you to develop your overall objectives for Couples Counseling as well as your plan for how to achieve those objectives.

During your therapy sessions, we will work to identify the core issues at play, along with any negative cycles or patterns that have proven difficult to break. In addition to focusing on the core of the issues, you will need to learn how to effectively resolve future issues in order to work toward lasting peace and connection.


An Approach To Couples Therapy That Will Get Results

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Your couples therapist will employ multiple approaches to help you improve your relationship, including:

  • Gottman Method – This is a type of Couples Therapy that can help you and your partner improve your communication skills, allowing you to build a stronger foundation together.
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) –This is an attachment-based form of therapy that can help you and your significant other improve your emotional bonding by learning to understand each other’s emotions on a deeper level.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – This approach can be used to help improve emotional regulation within relationships, enabling you to reduce conflict and avoid negative cycles.
  • Narrative Therapy (NT) – This modality can help couples rewrite the story of their relationship so that they see their connection in a more positive and loving light.

Remember that we aren’t necessarily supposed to be good at communication by default. Even otherwise happy relationships can prove challenging at times, and most of us are not taught how to have difficult conversations before we start a relationship.

With support and practice, though, we are confident that your relationship can be greatly improved. We have helped countless couples improve their communication, develop more intimate connections, and heal their marriage through counseling. And we look forward to making the same progress with both of you.


You May Still Have Some Questions About Couples Therapy…

What if my couples therapist sides with my partner?

A couples therapist’s responsibility is to serve the needs of the shared relationship rather than pick sides. The therapist will non-judgmentally identify behaviors in both partners that work against their mutual goals. They will do so with empathy while offering alternative options to help fulfill both individual and relational needs.

What if my partner doesn’t want to change?

Although we can’t force anyone to change, we can start with the assumption that both partners want to improve the relationship. This gives each partner the opportunity to decide whether they are willing to do the work to help the relationship. And even if your partner is resistant to changing, you can still do your part to better yourself and improve your communication.

What if my partner never trusts me again?

People take time to heal and trust takes time to be rebuilt if it’s have been damaged. And yet, with intentional decisions and continued commitment, it is absolutely possible to rebuild trust in relationships. And Couples Counseling can help you both with that process, giving you tools for increasing understanding and intimacy.



You Can Be Closer And Happier As A Couple

If you are looking to rediscover your love and reconnect with your partner, Couples Therapy with Monday Courage can help you strengthen your relationship and build a better future together.

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