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Couples Therapy

Your relationship just doesn’t feel the same way that it used to.

You’re noticing that you’re fighting much more than you ever thought you would. What’s more, the fighting isn’t productive. You say things only to try to hurt each other’s feelings. Or worse, you don't talk at all. There's no interest expressed in the other person. No curiosity. No wondering about what they're thinking or feeling. Or, thinking about what they want to say. You know that your relationship has the potential to be so much better than this. But, here you are. Feeling like nothing has been working for your relationship. If this sounds familiar, you could benefit from online marriage counseling in Virginia.


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A couple sits next to each other. They represent a married couple in a session for online marriage counseling in Virginia with Monday Courage.

Common Reasons Why Couples Start Online Marriage Counseling

Relationships are very complicated. As a result, there are a lot of factors that contribute to your dynamic. Sometimes it's previous experiences. Or, the fear of new experiences. Our couples counselors have worked with many couples at different points in their relationship. On top of that, each couple is incredibly unique with different experiences. All of this in mind, our couples counselors have seen a theme of common reasons to pursue marriage counseling. Here are a few:

Online Marriage Counseling in Virginia Can Help

A couple dances together after starting online marriage counseling in Virginia with Monday Courage.

Navigating differences in a relationship can be an isolating experience. Often, it can feel like you're doing something wrong. Or, that this is a sign that your relationship "isn't supposed to work." Other times, we have a hard time moving on previous relationships. However, the truth is that any marriage may struggle at times.
Online marriage counseling in Virginia can help you to work through the problems in your relationship. Marriage counseling serves as a place for you and your partner to explore different facets of your relationship. First, we'll look at what's going well. Likewise, we'll explore what's not going so well.
Next, we'll set goals for our time together. Setting goals in online couples counseling will give us structure for what we want to accomplish. And, this will help us to know when we've accomplished them. Our couples counselors have years of experience working with couples just like you. As a result, we understand some of the common issues couple face. Most importantly, we know how to help couples work through these issues. 

Monday Courage's Approach to Online Marriage Counseling

In online marriage counseling in Virginia, we want your relationship needs to be met. Through our experience providing couples counseling, we know that this can often be a difficult task to manage. Sometimes, we might not have a clear idea of what our needs are. As you can imagine, this could make it difficult to express to our partners what we're needing from them. Other times, some couples find themselves repeating unhelpful patterns of previous behavior. Maybe behavior they experienced in a different situation. Or, behavior that they're expecting from their partner. But, in either situation, it isn't always helpful for our relationship.

EFT in Couples Counseling

A couple sits next to each other on the ground after an online marriage counseling session in Virginia with Monday Courage.

Our couples therapists often use EFT and the Gottman approach in online marriage counseling. EFT, or emotions-focused therapy, emphasized the role our emotions play in our relationship. Through EFT, we can work together to identify the emotions that we're experiencing. And, to regulate them in the future. This is in the hopes that we can find a response that is more helpful to the situation we're in.

The Gottman Approach to Couples Counseling

Gottman Couples Therapy focuses on disarming harmful and conflicting dialogue. Instead, Gottman focuses on altering our communication so that it does not harm our partner. Rather, changing it in a way so that we can communicate what we're needing-without harming our partner. Combined, these two approaches have been shown to be effective when working with our clients.

Benefits of Online Marriage Counseling

A couple smile together while using a laptop to pay for online marriage counseling in Virginia with Monday Courage.

You may be wondering, "Why should I try online marriage counseling instead of going to in person couples therapy?" There are some unique benefits to seeing a marriage therapist online.
First of all, you have more options for which therapist to see. You aren't limited to seeing a marriage therapist that's near your house or workplace.  In fact, using our online platform, we're able to work with you anywhere you are in the state of Virginia. Everywhere from Roanoke, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, and Virginia Beach. On top of that, online marriage counseling is more convenient and saves you time. The days of finding a sitter or battling traffic to make it to your counseling appointment are over! Now, you simply pull out your device and begin your session.

Begin Online Marriage Counseling in Virginia

Online marriage counseling can help you and your partner improve your relationship. Together, you'll find ways to turn toward each other and bring closeness back to your marriage. We are able to work with you anywhere you are with online therapy in Virginia, as our Virginia counseling office is closed. Now, to begin online marriage counseling in Virginia, follow these steps:
2. Get to know our team of marriage counselors.
3. Feel the curiosity about your partner bud.

Other Counseling Services

We offer many counseling services at Monday Courage. Our practice offers offers online therapy in Virginia. We work with people who want to improve their relationships, mental health or just be the best version of themselves. Through therapy, our online counselors help with many different concerns you may have. For example, our therapists can help with ADD/ADHDtrauma therapy, PTSDgrief counseling, anxiety treatment, divorce recovery, conflict resolutionpremarital counseling, and affair recovery. We often include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and DBT during our psychotherapy sessions. Furthermore, our therapists work with both women and men. We are able to help people living anywhere in Virginia! So what's holding you back? It's time to move forward toward your goals.

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