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Divorce Recovery

Counseling for Divorce Recovery in Virginia

You’re tired of struggling with the different way your life now looks.

The marriage is over. Regardless of the stage of divorce you’re in, you’re having a hard time adjusting. There are so many changes that you knew would happen, but you still don’t feel prepared for them. Maybe you wanted the divorce, or maybe you didn’t. Either way, it’s been tough to acclimate. Many things look different now. Holidays, traditions, vacations, plans, everything. On top of that, you’re expected to “jump back on the horse.” But, you’re feeling a little gun shy.

You don’t have to live alone with this tough transition of a divorce.

A women sits on her bed looking upset. She is ready to start counseling for divorce recovery in Lynchburg, VA with Monday Courage.

Counseling for Divorce Recovery in Virginia Can Help You With Your Next Steps

Life after a divorce can feel a little weird. There are things that you’re used to that aren’t happening anymore. Regardless of how you felt about those things, getting used to your new normal can take some effort. Divorce recovery looks different for each person. Some people feel like they find their feet again after a divorce more quickly than others. Each person that experiences divorce recovery navigates it differently, and there’s no wrong way to do it. Our counselors are familiar with how tough this can be. And, they’re here to help.

Common Pursue to Pursue Divorce Recovery

Everyone has a different response to divorce recovery in Virginia. Through our experience helping individuals through divorce recovery, we’ve seen common reasons why individuals pursue counseling after a divorce. With this in mind, here’s a list of some reasons individuals start divorce recovery in:

  • Trouble leaning into their new role in relationships
  • Having a hard time moving on from the divorce
  • Unsure of the next step to take
  • Struggling with self-perception
  • Wanting to explore new options, but feeling hesitant
  • Avoiding anything that reminds them of their marriage or divorce

Our Counselors Can Help You Through Divorce Recovery 

A person sits alone on a bench. They are navigating divorce recovery in Lynchburg, VA with Monday Courage.

We get it. Divorce is messy. Our team of counselors has worked with many people navigating divorce recovery in Virginia. In addition, they’ve helped people with situations that are not unlike yours. Our counselors are familiar with the trials and barriers you are currently dealing with. Through counseling for divorce recovery, our counselors have seen tremendous growth in the individuals they work with. Our counselors have helped individuals struggling with uncertainty and hesitation gain enough confidence to take control of their situation. In addition, our counselors have helped their clients determine what next steps make the most sense for their journey. Overall, our online therapists in Virginia are incredibly skilled and motivated to assist you on your path towards divorce recovery.

Monday Courage’s Approach to Divorce Recovery in Virginia

Through counseling for divorce recovery, our counselors will provide you a space to explore the impact you’re experiencing from the aftermath of the divorce. Throughout our journey towards divorce recovery, our counselors will offer perspectives that you might not have considered before. Through our experience walking down the path of divorce recovery with individuals, we’ve found this approach to be very effective. Considering new perspectives and challenging beliefs you have about yourself can help you to make progress towards your therapeutic goals.

What’s Holding You Back From Starting Counseling For Divorce Recovery in Virginia?

A man sits in a counseling session. He has begun counseling for divorce recovery in Lynchburg, VA with Monday Courage.

Be honest with yourself for a minute. Evaluate where you are right now in your life. Think about your level of satisfaction. Consider your current happiness. Now, think about where you see yourself six months from now. What’s different between then and now? If you’re like most people, there’s likely quite a bit that’s different. With that in mind, how will you become that version of yourself? It’s safe to say that doing the same things you’re currently doing won’t help you achieve those goals. When you’re ready to make those changes, we’re ready to meet you.

Begin Counseling for Divorce Recovery in Virginia

Life after a divorce can be tricky. The best “next steps” look different for each person going through this. Luckily, our counselors can help. While we can’t see you in our physical location right now, Monday Courage can work with you anywhere you are in the state. Our online therapists in Virginia are trained and have the experience to help you find get to know yourself again and rebuild your life in a meaningful way post-divorce. When you’re ready to start getting the support you deserve on your journey of self discovery and renewal, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to our client care coordinator to schedule your appointment.
  2. Get to know our team of counselors.
  3. Begin deciding what you want your future to look like.

Other Counseling Services Provided in Virginia

Support for divorce recovery isn’t the only service we offer at Monday Courage. We are working with all of our clients through online therapy inVirigina But, we’ll be happy to talk with you wherever you are in the state since our physical counseling clinic location in VA is closed. We provide services for ADD/ADHD, trauma treatment, and PTSD. Our therapists offer anxiety therapygrief counseling, trauma therapy, PTSD treatment, and depression counseling. In addition, we incorporate mindfulness. In addition, we offer support for women,  men, and life transitions.