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Life Transitions

“The only thing constant is change.”

~ Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

You’re sick of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

There are changes on the horizon. Maybe there is a laundry list of things that will change. Or, maybe it’s one or two things. These could be big or small. Regardless of the size, however, there’s some apprehension that accompanies it. You find yourself playing the ‘what if’ game and exploring every possibility (somehow all negative) of life transitions ahead. Other times, you avoid thinking about these changes like the plague in the hopes that they will disappear if you don’t think about them. You feel overwhelmed, possibly unprepared for what’s ahead of you. You question if you’re going to rise up to everyone’s expectations. No matter what you do, it feels like you’re just not ready.

You don’t have to live with the apprehension or anxiety alone anymore.

Counseling for Life Transitions Is The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Wooden blocks read, "I M P O S S I B L E." This reflects concepts discussed in counseling for life transitions in Lynchburg, VA with Monday Courage.

There are a lot of really scary transitions that we face. Sometimes it’s a new job, a new relationship, starting college, moving away, or a million other things that require a big transition. Often times, we don’t feel prepared for these changes. This can bring on symptoms of anxiety or depression, and this can be tough to navigate alone. Through counseling for life transitions, we’re here to help. Through our work together, we’ll help you navigate the life transitions that are coming your way. We’re able to help you navigate a variety of life transitions, including divorce, new relationships, new careers, pursuing education, moving to a new state, and so much more.

Common Reasons People Pursue Counseling For Life Transitions

We all have different experiences that shape our values, expectations, goals, and interactions. Because of this, we all react to life transitions differently.  In addition, we all have different opportunities for change. With this in mind, there are common reasons that folks pursue counseling for life transitions. Through our experience, here are some reasons people need assistance when navigating difficult life transitions:

  • Don’t feel prepared for the change
  • The change happened unexpectedly
  • You didn’t want the transition to happen
  • When thinking about the transition, you feel intense anxiety
  • Sometimes, you avoid thinking about the upcoming transition
  • Leaning into your new role seems impossible

These are only a few reactions someone can struggle with when encountering life transitions. To learn about reactions to life transitions, check out this article.

Our Therapists Can Help

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Our team of therapists has years of experience working with individuals that are struggling with the same issues that you are right now. They understand how difficult navigating change can be. While change might be difficult, you’re not alone. Our therapists are prepared to venture down the path of life transitions with you and face the challenges that can come along with change. Our therapists can give you the tools to tackle situations that you don’t feel prepared for. In addition, they can teach you skills to apply this approach to other areas of your life that cause you to feel a similar way.

Monday Courage’s Approach To Counseling for Life Transitions

In counseling for life transitions, our counselors take the time to get to know you and your story. Our counselors are intentional about identifying components of the issue you’re dealing with. In addition, they’ll offer you perspectives that you might not have considered before. Furthermore, the working relationship between you and your counselor will be collaborative and will require effort from both sides. Our counselors are trained in many different treatment modalities, including DBT, CBT, and mindfulness, along with other modalities.

Additionally, our counselors will work with you to develop therapeutic goals we will work towards. These goals are created with your values, expectations, passions, and resources in mind. And, they are created in a way to help you navigate the issues you are dealing with.

Begin Counseling For Life Transitions in Lynchburg, VA

A tree is in full bloom. This represents concepts discussed in counseling for life transitions in Lynchburg, VA with Monday Courage.

There cards for most occasions, but no manuals on how to navigate life transitions. Experiencing these changes can be challenging and scary. But, you’re not alone. Our team of therapists is here to help. Through counseling for life transitions, we can teach you the skills you need to navigate the changes that are coming up. When you’re ready to begin your journey, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to our client care coordinator.
  2. Get to know our team of caring therapists.
  3. Lean into the new changes that are coming.

Other Counseling Services Provided in Virginia

Counseling for life transitions isn’t the only service we offer at Monday Courage. Right now, we are seeing all of our clients through online therapy in Virginia since our central Virginia based counseling clinic is closed. We offer treatment for ADD/ADHD and PTSD. In addition, we offer anxiety therapygrief counselingcounseling for college students, trauma therapy, and depression counseling. When working with our clients, we incorporate CBT, DBT, and mindfulness. In addition, we take a unique approach when working with men, women and providing divorce recovery