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Therapy for Men

Online Therapy for Men & Men’s Issues in Virginia

You really wish more things were going right. But, they just aren’t.

You’re at a pivotal point in your life. You have the option to make some big moves in many areas, like your relationships, career, and family. Sure, this sounds like the ideal situation. But, it’s not quite as exciting as it seems. It feels like you’re having a bit of an existential crisis. You feel like should be in a much different place than you are. And, you should feel more satisfied with how everything is going. If this sounds familiar, the good news is that therapy might be able to help.

Online Therapy may be the Answer

A man looks upset. He is ready to begin therapy for men in Arlington, VA with Monday Courage.

The best way you can explain it is that you feel like a grown-up, but not an adult. You do things because “you’re supposed to”, but you question if you actually like these things. Like your career. Are you actually satisfied? Do you even like your job? You’re often not sure what your calling is. So, you stay at the “age-appropriate” job that you’re at. And, let’s be honest, hating in most of the time. On top of that, your relationships are not where they should be. You want to take the next in your relationship, but you think you need to work on yourself first before you invest in someone else. This is a lot to navigate, especially when you don’t feel like you have the tools to make the best decisions for yourself.

Our counselors in Virginia get it, and they’ve helped a lot of men just like you. Therapy for men in Virginia serves as a place for you to get to the bottom of these issues. Our counselors can provide you space free of judgment and societal expectations to fully address the issues that you’re experiencing.

Common Reasons to Start Therapy for Men

Each person that starts therapy for men has different experiences. In addition, they have different factors that have influenced their decision to seek out therapy. Whether you are a politician who lives in Arlington and drives to Capital Hill for work each day, a ship engineer in Virginia Beach or a dentist in Roanoke, you are a person first.  And while your skills may be great in the workplace, you’re looking for some new skills in the area of mental health.

Honestly, everyone (regardless of gender) has some deficits when it comes to social, emotional and mental health issues.  That’s what therapy is for.  Considering this, here are some common reasons people have started therapy for men in Virginia:

  • Wanting to work on yourself before you start a serious relationship with someone. Or, before you take the next step in your relationship.
  • Having anxiety that’s taking up a lot of mental real estate.
  • Noticing a difference between what you like doing, and what you’re “supposed” to like doing.
  • Feeling like you’re drowning in shame and guilt from past experiences.
  • Experiencing symptoms of depression that are hard to ignore.
  • Finally feeling like you’re fed up with things not changing.

Not Excited by the Idea of Therapy?

We know you might not be overly excited about the idea of starting therapy.  Maybe you’re only looking at this page because your friend/mom/sister/girlfriend/wife told you to.  Regardless, you’re here so chances are there’s a reason.  The good news is that the therapists at Monday Courage understand the unique pressures men face. In fact, our counseling practice was founded by a male therapist in Virginia who has sat with many men over the years struggling to fight internal demons.  He understands that you have everything you need to fight these demons. Therapy just provides you with the right tools.

Think of it this way….if you were going to build a shed in the backyard for the first time ever, you’d need some tools, right? You wouldn’t just go out and get to work. You’d need to take some steps first. If you’ve never built a shed, you’re going to look for some directions or call up a buddy who has experience building sheds.  Then, that buddy or the directions would help guide you to buy the right supplies.  Finally, you’d use those tools, that advice & those plans to build a great shed that would (hopefully!) last for years.  Therapy does the same thing.  Your therapist has “built a shed” (i.e. fought anxiety, depression, relationship problems) before and is here to help.

The Monday Courage Approach to Online Therapy for Men

A man is in a meeting. He is feeling better since starting therapy for men in Arlington, VA with Monday Courage.

When providing therapy for men in Virginia, we’ll go on a masculinity journey. This looks like us evaluating childhood and during the earlier years of our life, we develop survival skills to help us get through the situations we experienced. Essentially, this was our “playbook.” And, at the time, these things worked. But, we haven’t changed this playbook since we were a kid.  Now, as an adult, we’re bringing those tricks into all of our environments. We use it at work, with our family, with our significant other. And, plot twist: it’s not working. As a man, we can’t use the survival skills we used when we were 14. Therapy for men serves as the place to look at what’s working for and what’s not working.

Through Therapy, Start Creating Your Legacy

In addition, we’ll talk about what your ideal legacy looks like. What do you want to leave behind? What do you want people to remember you for? This is a much larger conversation than deciding if you’re going to have kids or not. Thinking about the impact we leave on the world after we’re gone is a big conversation. And, it’s incredibly complex. As therapists, we’ve had those conversations with countless men across Virginia.  Why? Because we understand the importance and the power of thinking these things through and asking these questions at this point in your mind.  So, we’ll have those tough conversations about your legacy. The therapy office (or computer screen since we’re offering online therapy right now) is a space where you can begin to create the mold of the man you want to be.

Processing Previous Experiences & Trauma in Therapy for Men

There’s a decent chance that somethings have happened in your past that you haven’t had the chance to heal from. Sometimes, these experiences can have a lasting and difficult impact on us that can lead to symptoms of PTSD. At Monday Courage, our therapists are well versed in providing trauma therapy. In therapy for men, you’ll have the chance to process those events that you’ve been hiding in the shoebox under your bed. Processing these events and make meaning of your past experiences can help you to identify patterns that keep rearing their ugly head.

CBT in Therapy for Men

A man uses his phone. He is feeling better since starting therapy for men in Arlington, VA with Monday Courage.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on the relationships between your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Our therapists are highly trained in providing CBT, and have offered this to many of their clients. However, separates our approach to  CBT in therapy for men is focusing heavily on the emotions piece and being mindful of how to be mindful of our emotions. Often, we find that this component is missed when providing CBT. Through our experience providing CBT in therapy for men, we have found that focusing on our emotional responses to situations is helpful in changing how we respond to situations.

Therapy for Men Through Online Therapy in Virginia

Our counselors can work you with anywhere in the state through online therapy in Virginia. This platform allows us to provide therapy for men anywhere you are in the state. We can offer you quality services if you Arlington, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, or anywhere else in the state! Online therapy offers additional benefits that in-person therapy lacks.  Online therapy is private (nobody will see you coming to our office), convenient (you don’t have to block off time to fight traffic to get to our office) and effective (research has consistently shown that online therapy works as well as in person therapy).  So, what’s holding you back? You can fight this internal battle you’ve been facing, and the first step to getting the right tools is to meet with one of our online therapists.

Begin Therapy for Men in Virginia

We know this was a tough decision. And, it’s the right decision for you. Therapy can help you make the steps that you’re wanting to make. And, to process your past experiences. We offer therapy for men through online therapy in Virginia since our Virginia counseling clinic is closed. When you’re ready to  begin your journey, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to our client care coordinator to schedule your appointment.
  2. Get to know our team of online therapists.
  3. Decide what kind of man you want to be.

Other Online Counseling Services in Virginia

Therapy for men isn’t the only service we offer at Monday Courage. We work with all of our clients through online therapy in Virigina. We work with clients of various genders and faiths with a deep respect for you as a human being. Whatever you are facing, our therapists are here to give you the tools to move forward in your life. Currently, our physical counseling clinic location in VA is closed to the public. We provide services for ADD/ADHD, trauma therapy, and PTSD. Our therapists offer grief counseling, anxiety treatment, PTSD treatment, and depression counseling. When working with our clients, our therapists often incorporate mindfulness, CBT, and DBT during our sessions. In addition, we offer support for women, divorce recovery, and life transitions.