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Premarital Counseling

Online Premarital Counseling in Virginia

You love your partner. Yet, you wonder, “Are we ready for that forever commitment?”

You’ve been with your partner for a decent amount of time. So, certain aspects of your relationships are getting serious. With this seriousness comes big decisions to make. Maybe you’ve talked about marriage or moving in together.  But this next step is a big deal. And, you want to be sure that your relationship makes sense long term for both of you.

Or, perhaps one of you already popped the question and you’ve made that decision to take the next step in your life together. But, there are aspects of your relationship that you feel really need to be improved. Small things that you don’t want to turn into big issues down the road. For some of us, COVID postponed our day and there’s been a lot of stress that’s come along with that. You’re doing your best, you don’t feel like you’re equipped to handle this.

You don’t have to live with the uncertainty of big decisions. Starting online premarital counseling in Virginia can help you strengthen your relationship and find the confidence in your relationship you’ve been looking for.

A couple lays in bed facing away from each other. They are disconnected and want to start online premarital counseling in Virginia with Monday Courage.

What does a “health relationship” or a “healthy marriage” even look like?

Taking big steps in your relationship at any stage can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, the expectations we’re “supposed to meet” don’t always make sense for our relationship.  If you’re like most couples, you’ve been given a ton of well-meaning advice from caring family members or friends. Yet, what works for their relationship may just not apply to yours.  Or perhaps you’ve read books about relationships and marriage and struggle to figure out how to apply it to your unique situation. And of course, you’ve seen marriages and relationships modeled on TV or in public.  But all of this information still leaves you wondering, “What is a healthy relationship?” and “Is my relationship ok? Do we have what it takes to make it long term?”

And, all of this this can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Luckily, online premarital counseling in Virginia can help you navigate these questions. Our professional couples therapists and marriage counselors offer premarital counseling to help you early on identify not only what a “healthy relationship” looks like but how the concept applies to your relationship specifically.

Online Premarital Counseling in Virginia Will Give You Important Relationship Tools

In premarital counseling sessions, we’ll provide you specific relationship tools that will help strengthen your relationship, your communication and help you look toward the future confidently.

Premarital counseling offers you a safe space to have important, hard discussions that don’t always happen on your own. Our premarital counselors are familiar with the struggles that couples experience. We understand the tricky topics.  And we’re here to help you have those discussions in a productive way.

Learning the tools to navigate stressful situations in your relationship now will help set you up for success in your marriage or whatever future steps you might take.

Common Reasons to Start Online Premarital Counseling in Virginia

Our online premarital counselors have worked with many couples in premarital counseling. From this experience, they know that each couple is unique and has different dynamics. With this in mind, our premarital counselors have noticed themes of reasons couples pursue premarital counseling. Here’s a list of common situations:

A couple smiles while petting their dog. They are feeling more connected since starting online premarital counseling in Virginia.

  • Trouble communicating with each other
  • Different values in the relationship
  • External stress or pressure
  • Differing expectations of each other
  • History that’s impairing the future

Our Premarital Counselors in Virginia Can Help

Our premarital counselors in Virginia are well-versed in the dynamics of premarital relationships. Through online premarital counseling, they have helped many couples dealing with the same problems you are right now. So, online premarital counseling can serve as a space for you and your partner to discuss the issues that are impacting your relationship. In addition, your premarital counselor will help you identify solutions that can help your situation. Overall, our premarital counselors are highly trained. And, provide effective treatment for couples that pursue online help.

A brief note about location

When providing online therapy, a mental health professional must be licensed in the state the client, or in this case clients, are physically located.  However, that is the only location restriction. So, online premarital counseling with our Virginia licensed therapists will work out great no matter where you are in Virginia!  In fact, we can even offer premarital counseling at times when you and your fiancé or partner aren’t physically in the same space though of course we get a unique view of your dynamics when you’re in the same room.  So, whether you’re in the Arlington area, live in Richman, Norfolk or even in Western Virginia our couples therapists and marriage counselors will be able to guide you through the premarital counseling process!

Monday Courage’s Approach to Premarital Counseling 

In premarital counseling, our role is not to determine if your relationship is “right” or “wrong.” Instead, our premarital counselors are here to offer guidance to navigate your relationship. We discuss many different barriers that can be impacting your relationship.  In addition, our premarital counselors will encourage you to consider perspectives that you didn’t think of before before. Overall, our goal for online premarital counseling is to aid you and your partner in achieving your goals.

The Benefits of Online Premarital Counseling in Virginia

A couple sits next to each other on a couch smiling. They are feeling happy since starting online premarital counseling in VA with Monday Courage.

Our online couples therapists can work with you wherever you are in the state! Online premarital counseling offers you additional convenience when navigating the barriers in your relationship. With online premarital counseling, you have more freedom with your schedule. So, you can find a time that works for both you and your partner. In addition, online premarital counseling offers an additional safety measure in response to the current pandemic. Through our experience, we have found that online it is often just as effective as in-person. Altogether, starting online premarital counseling is a great choice for your relationship!

Beginning Online Premarital Counseling in Virginia

Intimate relationships are often complex and can be tough to manage at times. Luckily, you’re not alone. If you are a couple living anywhere in Virginia wanting to explore the things holding you and your significant other back or just strengthen your relationship even more, we’re here to help. Online premarital counseling in Virginia can give you the tools you need to have the kind of relationship you and your partner want. When you’re ready to begin your journey with online premarital counseling, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to our client care coordinator.
  2. Get to know our team of premarital counselors.
  3. Work together with your partner to navigate the road ahead of you.

Other Counseling Services Provided Through Online Therapy Virginia

Premarital counseling isn’t the only service we offer at Monday Courage. We are seeing all of our clients through online therapy in Virginia since our central Virginia based counseling clinic is closed. This allows us to see anyone in the state of Virginia. We provide treatment for ADD/ADHD and PTSD. In addition, we offer trauma therapy, anxiety therapy, grief counseling, counseling for college students, and depression counseling. Additionally, our therapists often often incorporate mindfulness in our couples therapy sessions. We take a unique approach when working with menwomen, and providing divorce recovery. We also work with individuals navigating life transitions.