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Anxiety Treatment in Virginia

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t turn your brain off.

You constantly feel on edge. You’ve tried to “just relax” like your friends and family have recommended. If only it was that easy. After most days, you feel like you’re so tightly wound that you might break. Sometimes, you find yourself lashing out at those around you. And, arguably, this is the worst part. It feels like your relationships are suffering because of this constant pressure. Or, you notice that you feel pretty irritable or on edge most of the time. It feels like the people around you just don’t get it. You’ve tried to explain the way that you feel, but it doesn’t seem like others get it. If this sounds familiar, you could be experiencing anxiety. However, you don’t have to do this. Starting anxiety therapy in Virginia could be the solution. 

Online Anxiety Treatment in Virginia Will Give You The Tools You Need

A journal lays on a desk. This reflects concepts discussed in anxiety therapy in Virginia with Monday Courage.

Living this way is exhausting. You feel like you’ve tried every “trick” in the book. You tried filling your space with the scent of lavender and eucalyptus. In addition, you’ve tried meditating. Other times, you even gave up caffeine. But, nothing is helping. Luckily, starting anxiety therapy in Virginia is the solution. Through anxiety treatment, you will learn the skills you need to effectively manage and control your anxiety.
Through online anxiety treatment in Virginia, our anxiety therapists have worked with many people. People just like you who feel like their life is controlled by anxiety. Some of them have been students, parents, partners, business professionals, doctors, and teachers. People who aren’t that different from you. Fortunately, we have helped these people regain control. In addition, providing anxiety treatment through online therapy allows us to work with you anywhere you are in the state. Our anxiety therapists can work with you if you’re in Lynchburg, Arlington, and Fredericksburg. 

Common Symptoms of Anxiety

The tricky thing about anxiety is that it looks different on every person. For some people, it’s easy to see the impact anxiety is having on them. For others, the impacts might be hiding under the surface. While the impact of anxiety ranges from person to person, there are some common themes. With our anxiety therapist’s experience helping people just like you, here’s a list of some common symptoms of anxiety:
  • Nervousness, restlessness or being tense
  • Feelings of danger, panic or dread
  • Rapid breathing or hyperventilation
  • Increased or heavy sweating
  • Trembling or muscle twitching
  • Weakness or lethargy
  • Difficulty focusing or thinking clearly about anything other than the thing you’re worried about
  • Insomnia
  • Obsessions about certain ideas
  • Reoccurring thoughts surrounding a previous life event or experience
  • Feeling like you can’t stop ruminating on an upcoming event

Working with an Anxiety Therapist  Can Help

Two people are climbing up a mountain. This reflects concepts discussed in anxiety therapy in Virginia with Monday Courage.

Our anxiety therapists in Virginia are familiar with the toll that anxiety can take. They know that your mind doesn’t always turn off at night. They’re aware that you feel on edge or tense most of the time. And, they know that your relationships are being impacted by the anxiety that you feel. But, most importantly, they know they can help. Overall, our anxiety therapists will provide you with the tools you need to regain control.

Our Approach to Online Anxiety Treatment

When you’re ready to begin anxiety treatment, our anxiety therapists will teach you the skills you need to manage your anxiety. Our therapists understand anxiety.  We know how frustrating it is to live day after day with the worry.  But we also understand the path to better managing your anxiety.
When you start therapy for anxiety, you and your therapist will begin by exploring the sources of your anxiety. This could be work, school, family, or any other responsibility you have. You’ll develop new insight into your own fears and anxiety. You may already have some insight, but we’ll dig a little deeper in our therapy sessions. From there, we’ll explore the impact that it’s having on you. For some, this looks like anger, regret, worry, or anticipation. The next step is for your therapist to work with you to determine what your response will be to similar situations in the future. Will it be that you remove yourself from the situation? Or, will you count to 10 and focus on breathing in the moment? The coping skill that works the best for one person looks very different from what works to manage another person’s anxiety.  Therefore, we’ll work together find what makes the most sense for you. 

CBT for Anxiety 

A common approach we use in anxiety therapy is incorporating cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a type of therapy that focuses on the relationship between our thoughts, emotions, and actions. CBT is a common approach for individuals struggling with anxiety. And, has shown to be effective. Our anxiety therapists use CBT to help our clients see the impact that our internal monologue has on our anxiety.

Mindfulness in Anxiety Therapy

A woman stands next to the water. This reflects concepts discussed in anxiety therapy in Virginia with Monday Courage.

Another approach we use when providing anxiety therapy in Virginia is mindfulness. Mindfulness works by encouraging us to be intentional with our actions and responses. Our approach to mindfulness in anxiety therapy focuses on being aware of how you feel in situations. This means checking in with yourself after a long day of work. Do you feel tired? Do you feel worried? Are you nervous that you didn’t finish everything you were “supposed” to? Our anxiety therapists will teach you wants to practice self-care in these situations. Self-care looks different for each person, so our anxiety therapists will help you find what works best.

Why Online Anxiety Treatment?

At Monday Courage Counseling, our therapists offer online anxiety treatment for a reason.  In short, it works.  Research has consistently shown that online therapy can be just as effective as in person anxiety counseling services. However, there are unique advantages to meeting with your therapist online.  For example, we’re able to work with anyone physically located in the state of Virginia. Unfortunately, the way our licensure process works we can’t work with you if you live out of state. However, online counseling does allow us to see clients who might be in Arlington, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Fredericksburg or anywhere else in the state! Other advantages include that you don’t need to schedule time to get to and from our counseling office and there’s an extra layer of privacy when you won’t see anyone in a waiting room or as you walk inside a building. So, what’s holding you back from starting? You don’t want to keep living with the exhaustion of constant worry. You deserve to focus on living your best life.  Therapy can help.

Begin Anxiety Therapy in Virginia

Living with anxiety is nothing short of exhausting. And, at times, debilitating. Our anxiety therapists in Virginia can help you anywhere you are in the state. When you’re ready to begin your journey with online anxiety treatment, follow these steps:
  1. Reach out to our client care coordinator to schedule your appointment.
  2. Get to know our team of anxiety therapists.
  3. Feel in control of your anxious thoughts.

Other Counseling Services Provided in Virginia

Anxiety therapy isn’t the only service we offer at Monday Courage. We are working with all of our clients through online therapy in Virigina. So, we’ll be happy to talk with you wherever you are in the state since our physical counseling clinic location in VA is closed to the public. We provide services for ADD/ADHD, trauma therapy, and PTSD. Our therapists offer grief counselingPTSD treatment, and depression counseling. We often incorporate mindfulness, CBT, and DBT during our sessions. In addition, we offer support for women,  men, divorce recovery, and life transitions.