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Depression Treatment

Most of the time, it feels like nothing is worth it.

Your job, your education, your friends, your relationships. Nothing makes you feel a spark. You listen to people around you talking about how “excited” they are about something. Or, how much they’re “looking forward” to things. But, unfortunately, that’s just not something you feel. Sure, you can fake it. You can make the other people around you think that you’re okay. And sometimes, you can make them think that you’re happy. However, they don’t see the internal storm you battle on a daily basis. They don’t see the amount of effort you have to put into just to do normal things. They don’t feel the empty cave in your chest that fills up so much intensity that you think it might explode. Your day-to-day routine is exhausting. What’s more, the act of going through it is even more exhausting.

If these sentiments struck you in a way that makes you think someone has looked inside your mind, you could be experiencing symptoms of depression.

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You’re not alone. Starting Depression Counseling in Virginia Can Help.

At this point, you probably feel like you’ve tried everything. You’ve read every ‘self-help’ book and blog, you watch ‘happy’ videos and television shows, and you look at ‘happy’ people that infiltrate your social media. But, you’re still not feeling happy. The days turn into weeks. And, before you know it, another year has passed. Often, it feels like no one understands. Or, that you’re completely alone. However, that is not the case. Our depression counselors understand what you’re going through, and they’re here to help.

Common Symptoms of Depression we see in Online Depression Counseling

Depression can feel you’re wearing a heavy winter coat in the middle of summer. Navigating depression can feel like going on a road trip without a map. Through our experience of providing online depression treatment in Virginia, we know that each person feels depression differently. In addition, our depression counselors know that we can experience depression for a variety of different reasons. With this in mind, here is a list of common symptoms of depression:

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Depression Treatment Can Give You The Tools to Navigate Depression

Although you might feel overwhelmed right now, there is hope. Depression counseling can help you to manage the depression symptoms that are weighing you down. Our depression counselors have worked with many people in situations like yours.  They know that past experiences can make it worse. Through our work together in online depression treatment, we have helped people rediscover what brings them joy.  The support environment fostered in depression counseling offers a space to consider aspects of your experience that you haven’t previously considered. In addition, we have worked together to explore the patterns of depression that we can experience.

CBT in Depression Treatment

When providing depression counseling in Virginia, we often incorporate cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a form of therapy that focuses on the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Research shows us that this relationship has a significant relationship and impact on our experience of depression. In depression treatment, we’ll evaluate the patterns that are present in your life. And, the patterns that are exacerbating your depression symptoms. Evaluating these patterns allows us to alleviate the depression you’re currently feeling. What’s more, noticing this pattern helps us to predict when depression might happen in the future.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Depression Counseling

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Additionally, our counselors often incorporate mindfulness-based therapy. Mindfulness-based therapy helps us to practice being aware of what we’re doing in the moment. We know that practicing mindfulness on a daily basis can help to increase the likelihood that we “check in” with ourselves more frequently. We can do this by noticing our senses. This allows us to measure the impact that depression is having on us in the moment. This experience is no longer one that you have to navigate on your own.

Begin Depression Treatment in Virginia

Battling depression alone is no longer your sentence. Depression treatment in Virginia can be a resource to help you to navigate this battle, and hopefully win! Through online depression treatment, we can help you anywhere you are in the state of Virginia. Our online therapy services will provide you with the same quality services that you would receive in our Virginia based counseling practice. When you’re ready to begin depression counseling in Virginia, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to our client care coordinator who will be happy to schedule your first counseling appointment with us.
  2. Get to know our trained and caring depression therapists.
  3. Rediscover the contagious feeling of happiness.

Other Mental Health & Counseling Services at Monday Courage

At Monday Courage, we offer many services in addition to depression treatment. Our practice exclusively offers online therapy in Virginia for people navigating a variety of experiences. Through online counseling, our online counselors can off you support and help for ADD/ADHDtrauma therapy, PTSDgrief counseling, anxiety treatment, divorce recovery, marriage counseling/couples therapy, premarital counseling, and affair recovery. We often include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and DBT during our sessions. We frequently work with both women and men.