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Trauma Therapy

It can feel like life’s challenges are dark, heavy, or even impossible to deal with.

Often, it feels like you’re stuck repeating the same painful patterns.

You feel stuck.

It feels like your life is not your own.

If this resonates with you, you could benefit from trauma therapy.

We get it. If you had a penny for every time you told yourself, “it’s been long enough. I should be over it by now”, you would be able to pay off your student loans. You find yourself feeling overwhelmed by situations that you feel like you shouldn’t be bothered by. In addition, you can’t stop replaying what happened in your mind. Over and over again. It’s like the worst movie stuck on repeat. Living like this absolutely exhausting. You’re exhausted. If this sounds like how your life has been, you could be experiencing trauma symptoms. Working with a trauma therapist can be the solution.


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A girl looks out the window, looking upset. She is waiting to start trauma therapy in Lynchburg, VA with Monday Courage Counseling in Virginia.

Symptoms of Trauma

Since we’re are all different, we react to trauma and traumatic situations differently. However, we do know that are some common symptoms of trauma we can see in clients. Here’s a list of those symptoms:

  • Nightmares or sleep disturbances. You sometimes wake up feeling like you’re dying.
  • Depression and/or loss of interest in activities. You lost the joyful feelings that you used to have in life.
  • Anxiety, worry, and/or panic. You are in a constant state of panic and it rules your life. You feel dread, fear, strange thoughts, and a pounding heart.
  • Fear. You feel fear-stricken, even in the “comfort” of your own home.
  • Avoidance behavior. It doesn’t matter if that means taking the long way home, parking under a street light, or wearing two masks. Whatever it takes, you’ll do it. Or, at least highly consider it.

These are only a few of the symptoms we see. To learn about other symptoms we see in trauma therapy, explore this article.

Trauma Therapy Can Help

A woman stands in the forest with her arms spread out. She is feeling better after starting trauma therapy in Lynchburg, VA with Monday Courage Counseling for Trauma Therapy in Virginia.

Living with the aftermath of trauma can be really tough. It can force you to navigate your life in a different way, a way you never thought you would. There’s a good chance you feel alone, or like it was your fault. Luckily, neither are true. Our trauma therapists are here to help. Trauma therapy provides a non-judgemental space for you to talk freely. Even if you don’t think this something you can talk to your family or friends about.

Through trauma therapy, we have helped many people struggling with the same things as you. By working with a trauma therapist, our clients have been able to feel in control again.

Monday Courage’s Approach To Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy is a space to work through your experiences. Our trauma therapists are here to help and support you through that process. You will get you the effective skills you need to find your way through difficult feelings and situations and feel safe. Our trauma therapists provide a safe, accepting space so that you will feel comfortable.

Our Role As Trauma Therapists

In trauma therapy, our work together is collaborative. By both of us putting in effort and energy, you’ll probably notice some significant changes. You may notice that you’re worrying less and Control how you respond to anxious thoughts. In addition, you may see that you avoiding situations a little less than you use to. Furthermore, sleeping will be something that you start doing regularly. Wouldn’t that be great? What’s more, our trauma therapists will work with you to help make it happen.

Begin Trauma Therapy in Virginia

A girl smiles while using her laptop. She is about to start her session for trauma therapy in Lynchburg, VA with Monday Courage Counseling in Virginia for online therapy.

Sure, it’s in the past. Does that mean it’s easy to move on from? Not always. Living with the aftermath of trauma can be debilitating. But, you’re not in it alone. Trauma therapy can help. Our trauma therapists are highly experienced and ready to work with you. Through our collaborative process, you’ll finally start to heal. When you’re ready to begin trauma therapy, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to our client care coordinator.
  2. Get to know our team of trauma therapists.
  3. Learn the skills to navigate what’s ahead of you.

Other Counseling Services Provided in Virginia

Trauma therapy isn’t the only service we offer at Monday Courage. Currently, we are seeing all of our clients through online therapy in Virginia as our central Virginia based counseling clinic is closed. We provide treatment for ADD/ADHD and PTSD. In addition, we offer anxiety therapy, grief counseling, counseling for college students, and depression counseling. We often incorporate mindfulness. We take a unique approach when working with men and providing divorce recovery