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Trauma Therapy

Are You Struggling With The Fallout From Trauma?

Have you experienced a traumatic event or series of events that has left you unable to live your best life? Do you struggle to forget or move past painful memories of what happened to you? Have you noticed persistent feelings of:

  • Anxiety, fear, anger, or panic?
  • Depression, exhaustion, or numbness?
  • Isolation, alienation, or avoidance?

Perhaps you’re a veteran or an active-duty member of the military and you’ve experienced a traumatic combat event that you haven’t been able to fully put behind you. Or maybe you’re one of the many EMS first responders who encounter various forms of trauma on the job every day and you’re open to the potential benefits of therapy.

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Trauma Can Feel Like Losing A Previous Version Of Yourself

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You may feel like you’re constantly on guard in your day-to-day life and can never truly relax or unwind. You may be experiencing regular sleep disturbances or nightmares related to your trauma. Over time, this could undermine your ability to properly function at work or at home, since you’re not well-rested in your day-to-day life.

In times of conflict, you may find yourself trapped in a cycle of Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn responses. And you may notice all of this spilling over into your personal relationships as well, as you isolate yourself from friends, family, and your passions.


The Experience Of Trauma Is Surprisingly Common

Although trauma often proves to be an isolating experience, it is also an incredibly common one. Trauma survivors are truly not alone and, although the experience of trauma is always unique and specific, many people have gone through trauma and recovered. According to the National Council for Mental Wellbeing (NCMW), “70 percent of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives".

On top of this, veterans, first responders, and other front-line medical workers face especially high rates of trauma or PTSD. For example, “more than 80 percent of first responders experience traumatic events on the job” and roughly 1 in 3 will receive a PTSD diagnosis. And the pandemic has exposed front-line medical workers to so much firsthand and vicarious trauma that has yet to be properly addressed. As a result, the need for trauma therapy has never been greater.


Additional Issues Can Complicate Trauma And PTSD Recovery

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The experience of trauma can be exacerbated by larger factors as well. There can often feel like a shortage of external support for survivors, as our society simply expects us to solve our own problems. Many self-medicate to alleviate their mental and emotional suffering, and thus issues like substance abuse or sexual addiction can further hold back recovery.

Thankfully, though, there is a lot of support out there for you, despite how things might feel at times. At Monday Courage, we can help you effectively reprocess your emotional pain and finally heal from trauma, enabling you to take control of your life again.

Trauma Therapy Can Help You Heal And Find Peace

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When you’re living in the aftermath of trauma, it’s all too easy to lose hope or blame yourself for what happened.

You may wonder why you’re not “over it” by now or you may even minimize what you’ve been through in an attempt to cope. But maybe you just haven’t had the right type of support yet. Counseling with Monday Courage can help you move beyond your trauma for the long haul.

Trauma therapy gives you a safe space to process your own story on your own terms. Your therapist can help you better understand what trauma actually is and how it affects the body. And through this collaborative process, you can also learn practical coping strategies to help you reduce the frequency and intensity of your symptoms.

Whether you are a veteran, a first responder, or anyone else struggling with trauma and PTSD, we are confident that our empowering approach to treatment can help you process and resolve the pain of the past.


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What You Can Expect From Trauma Therapy Sessions

Before beginning trauma therapy sessions, you will have the chance to connect with your therapist and give some context about your story and your symptoms. Then, as you and your counselor begin a dialogue, you can start to develop a roadmap for trauma counseling together.

Your actual therapy sessions will move forward at a pace set by you. In the initial session, we will develop a preliminary diagnosis based on what we learn, but we will also remain open to follow-up sessions clarifying and revising that diagnosis.


An Approach To Therapy That Will Work For You

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Your counselor will incorporate multiple treatment modalities to address your trauma or PTSD, including:

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) –EMDR uses bilateral eye stimulation techniques such as tapping or side-to-side eye movements to help you reprocess and reframe traumatic memories or experiences, especially those linked to PTSD.
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) – This approach works to combine meditation practices with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which identifies and adjusts the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors reinforcing your trauma or PTSD symptoms.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) –Similar to CBT, DBT focuses on helping you regulate particularly intense or difficult emotions related to your trauma or PTSD.

By combining EMDR therapy with cognitive and mindfulness-based treatments, we can help you reprocess and reclaim your story without you necessarily having to tell it aloud. Additionally, we will give you the tools to self-soothe when you feel triggered in the future. We want to guide you to a point where you no longer need us and can self-regulate on your own.

You may feel as though you’re caught between an intense desire to be free and a fear that you won’t actually feel any better. But we want you to know that with our help, healing and recovery are well within reach. At Monday Courage, we are ready when you are.



You Might Have Some Questions Or Concerns About Trauma Therapy, Though…

"I’m afraid of reliving what happened to me."

We completely understand the fear of facing a painful memory. You may believe that you have been avoiding the memory—but in reality, your body has been reliving it constantly whether you know it or not. The point of therapy isn’t to make you relive the experience but instead to help you create a different experience of that memory, an experience free from the flood of distressing emotions.

"I feel like I’m too messed up for anybody to help fix."

This is a normal thing for you to feel. Our goal is not to fix you—you are not broken, you are hurt. And while the past can’t be changed, you don’t have to feel like you’re still trapped in it. Instead, we will help you reconnect with your own internal tools of recovery, helping you grow in your self-confidence and realize that there is nothing wrong with you.

"I feel like nobody will be able to understand what I’ve been through."

You may have gotten comfortable with hiding this part of your life. Sometimes people have pain that they feel they need to keep hidden. Other times, someone may have experienced a traumatic event in the line of duty. Many avoid talking about their experiences because they feel like no one will understand or that they need to protect others from their burden. Unfortunately, this, only leads to isolation, and trauma doesn’t heal in isolation. You don’t have to face this alone and there is strength in getting help.



You Can Recover And Live Your Best Life

If you have experienced some form of trauma in your life and you want to challenge yourself to change, therapy with Monday Courage can help you heal and move forward.

Please call us at (540) 264-3487 or utilize our contact page to begin your healing journey.


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